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The writing of my new book was painful in the deepest way possible, slipping past defences to punch me in the mouth and make me feel lucky to have survived.  just for a laugh I am posting this brief synopsis of the story of my new book. In this true Boulevard comedy, we have the husband, a brilliant, intelligent man who loves to discuss ideas but after a four-day orgy with an ignorant uneducated religious groupie half his age, he dumps his wife of twenty years his imagination takes fire. This ageing cockerel thinks he can not only start his life all over again with this young chicken but since she has a direct connection with God and the Madonna she will help him find his Christian identity which he’d probably left in a closet somewhere. He dumps his wife but is unable to confront her, he leaves her an iPad of porno exchanges with the groupie and takes off in his wife’s car. After doubts about his unhinged decision, he makes an attempt to rekindle their partnership but in a moment of weakness brings the groupie but hides her in a hotel room which is discovered. Still hoping for a reconciliation, he tells his wife he is returning the groupies’ possessions and will clarify things with her. Instead invites the groupie to the Canaries suggesting they can marry there. Of course, by then the audience is laughing hysterically. He excuses it all as having been vampirized by this fanatically praying groupie who mixes up God with Hitler and believes like Jesus, Hitler will come back to save the world. This might be successful as a ridiculous Boulevard comedy especially as it ends with the husband heading off in another attempt at reconciling with his wife despite a few days earlier having invited this groupie back for Saint Valentine’s Day. Any publisher would reject this story as unbelievable and too far-fetched. Who could believe anyone could be that mad or confused? I am laughing hysterically myself even if this is actually a synopsis of the true story. 

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